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#sealedcontents 2015. 

Fragment x Butcher's Daughter

M ss ng P eces design and renovation, 2015.

i'm interested in the creation of art, objects, physical spaces, and experiences. currently i advise and direct independent designers and small brands on product experiences and strategy, build intentional physical environments, and experiment often. previously, i was the design director and founding partner at sightful. currently my art projects are #sealedcontents, my design focus is on Misc., where i actively advise leadership on design, and separately on an NYC/LA based project with Hiroshi Fujiwara, and this launch

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sometimes I shoot travel // nature photography and it lives here.

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please note: the content on this site changes regularly depending on the art and design projects i'm working on. i often do not publicly display images of my consulting work due to confidentiality agreements.