In the past I was hire to explore design based solutions for complex organizations independently and when I co-founded Sightful. I left Sightful in 2015 and have since focused primarily on my own art and design practice and no longer take on long contracts.

At Sightful we worked on an ongoing basis with the media giant to hone their cultural antennae and increase the relevance of products serving the real needs of an open, connected community across the globe.

I’ve worked with the luxury brand to bring Louis Vuitton’s timeless values around “the emotions of travel” to life in the retail experience. The case study encompassed store differentiation and design innovation, service invention and overall experience enhancement for flagship stores in New York City.

MSKCC is the worlds oldest and largest private cancer treatment and research institution. In
this project we created new service innovations within the chemotherapy patient-user
interface experience. Currently these services are intrinsic within their new outpatient chemo
center experience in Brooklyn, NY.

I joined a small group of young entrepreneurs and creatives to consult and speak on the future of media and programing for MTV in 2030. The discussions and hackathons lead to new ways of developing content and it's engagement.

Microsoft looked to the Sightful team to bring the human factor into focus in innovation and communications work. Through custom research, immersive workshops, and position papers, we were hired to seek truth and illuminate hidden opportunities. We have had a long standing relationship with the windows team.

In summer 2015 I proudly joined the WorkOf advisory board to empower thoughtful design and product development that will further support emerging talent within the furniture design industry. 

In 2014 Sightful partnered with the classic beauty brand to identify untapped potential and articulate a true and compelling Vision for the line and key sub-brands. Specially curated influencer salons and consumer co-creation sessions brought insights to light.

The award winning production company asked me to design and build a brand new creative working space for a staff of 30+ in a new location in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The design included extensive research. Along with my two person team I managed and directed multiple subcontractors from the design side to the construction side. Finally we produced unique furnishes and fixture elements, lighting design, and banquet designs.

FastCompany approached me in 2014 to be on their creative braintrust team as a design expert writing about design and innovation for the future of travel. These published articles can be viewed here.